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Siding Installation

This involves putting up new siding on a building. The process includes measuring, cutting, and attaching the siding material to the exterior walls.


Siding Repair

Siding can be damaged due to various reasons, such as weather, accidents, or aging. Siding repair services involve fixing or replacing damaged sections to maintain the integrity of the building envelope.


Siding Replacment

Over time, siding may wear out or become outdated. Siding replacement services involve removing the old siding and installing new materials to refresh the building's appearance and improve its protection.

Materials That We Use Here At High Pointe Exteriors LLC

High Pointe Exteriors LLC uses ProVia’s super polymer vinyl siding. It is available in a variety of brands, so you can easily choose the best options to meet your home’s needs, appeal to your personal design preferences, and fit your budget. Each brand has unique characteristics and textures, as well as a variety of color options, to help you create a style that’s just right for your home. Explore our siding brands to learn what makes them stand apart.


Straight Lap White CedarMAX D6 2 scaled 1

Cedar Peaks

8 BNB White CedarPeaks 2 scaled 1

Harbor Mill

Harbor Mill 1




Willowbrook 1 1

Clapboard & Dutch Lap Siding

Clapboard siding and Dutch lap siding are two popular styles of siding that can be used to clad a home’s exterior. Both styles originated as features of wood siding, but ProVia’s super polymer vinyl clapboard and Dutch lap siding provide the beauty and character of authentic wood with much less upkeep. Both styles of siding are formulated with Tri-Pigment Reflective Technology, Color Keeper­™ Anti-Fade Protection, Weather Barrier Shield, and SPX-2000 UV Blocker to combat fade and increase weather resistance. Learn more about the science behind our super polymer vinyl formulation.

Board & Batten

The use of board and batten vertical siding originated hundreds of years ago as a practical solution for covering the spaces between the boards on the exterior of a home or barn. Today, it portrays rustic, handmade quality, but its strong vertical lines have modern appeal that can enhance many architectural styles, from popular Craftsman to timeless Victorian. Blending the look of classic wood vertical siding with the modern engineering of high-performance super polymer vinyl siding, ProVia’s® board and batten siding offers the best of both worlds.

Shake & Shingle

The authentic look of Harbor Mill polypropylene Shingle and Shake Siding is reminiscent of traditional sawn and split cedar shakes and shingles that have been featured in American homebuilding since the 1600’s. There are few other cladding options as distinctive as cedar shake and shingles, and we set out to create a product which reflects that distinct appearance. To preserve this authentic look, both shake and shingle profiles were modeled after hand-picked cedar pieces using highly accurate laser scanning to ensure even the finest details were carried over into each Harbor Mill Shake and Shingle. The clean grain lines of Harbor Mill with its varying peaks and valleys create the authentic look of traditional cedar but with the versatility and ease of ownership that ProVia siding products are known for.

Available Siding Colors



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