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Gutter Installation

A rain gutter, eavestrough, eaves-shoot or surface water collection channel is a component of a water discharge system for a building. It is necessary to prevent water dripping or flowing off roofs in an uncontrolled manner for several reasons. At High Pointe Exteriors LLC we offer gutter installation with the industries highest quality of product at a competitive price.


Gutter Repair

Gutter repair involves a series of steps to address issues like leaks, sagging, or damage in the gutter system. The first crucial step is to clean the gutters thoroughly, removing any debris and ensuring unobstructed water flow. Subsequently, a meticulous inspection should be conducted to identify cracks, holes, or rust spots, as well as to check for loose or sagging sections.

Our Working Process



Once you have gotten in contact with us for an estimate, we then send out one of our professionals to do a consultation and inspection of your home.



Once we complete the consultation or inspection of your home we then send you over a proposal on what it will cost for all materials and labor. Everything is included so you know what your getting for the price that is stated on the proposal.



If you the customer agree on the proposal of the job, we will be in contact to inform you when we will be able to come and start the job. We are hands on with our customers to keep them informed of every step we take in the process of your exterior home project.



Once the job is complete we go over the project with you our customer to make sure that it has met your standards and ours as well. Our main concern is to make sure that our customers like the end result of the project and to have very minimal call backs.

Gutter Service

High Pointe Exteriors LLC specializes in exterior home renovations. We have a professional crew that deal with top-of-the-line materials to give you the look on the outside of your home that you have always wanted and last for years to come. 

Some of our past gutter projects

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